Paris Flea Market Sale & Shopping Tips on Chairish this Weekend!

IMG_0393Bon Weekend Everyone!!

It’s finally here folks & I’m super excited! I’ve teamed up with Chairish to unveil my finds from this Aprils Paris Flea buying trip. The sale will go Live this Sunday, July 12 at Chairish & they’ll be added to The Savoy Flea site next week. In the meantime check out my Paris Flea Market tips on Chairish’s blog  on how to shop vintage like a Parisian & why you don’t want to dress like a Rich American when shopping the flea! Read More here…..

Under the wisteria in Montmartre

How to Shop Vintage Like a Parisian

July 10th, 2015

Let’s face it. All of us would love to jet off to Paris for a vintage shopping trip, where we can peruse the storied wares that France has to offer. While not all of us have this luxury, we’re bringing you the next best thing……Read more here

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